Trexler Law Firm - New York City

Trexler Law, P.C.

Trexler Law, P.C. provides premium legal services and trial advocacy for businesses and individuals. As a sole practitioner firm, Trexler Law, P.C. offers customized legal solutions to suit each client’s particular needs and add value to each client’s business. The firm also regularly works as a team with other lawyers, accountants and other professionals from different states or foreign countries, and who specialize in different fields, to ensure that all its clients’ legal needs are met.

Many clients of Trexler Law, P.C. have chosen the firm because they prefer having personal attention from an attorney with sophisticated knowledge of law and business. Larger law firms charging higher fees often delegate legal work to paralegals and lawyers without experience with a client’s particular issue. Trexler Law, P.C. was designed to focus on clients, and to eliminate excess overhead costs and fees, without sacrificing the sophistication and diligence of the highest-quality firms on the market.